Information That Shipping Company Needs to Know to Generate the Quote

The key is in details. The more details you have about car shipping destination and your car type/model, the more accurate the quote will be.

Most commonly asked questions by shipping companies are:
1) What kind of vehicle you want to transport – Regular Car, SUV, Motorcycle, Van, Minivan, RV and ect.
2) What Year, Make and Model is your vehicle?
3) The zip code of pick-up and delivery places. You can also give them exact City and State name, but ZIP code is more accurate.
4) What dates you would like to ship the car?
5) Does your car runs?
6) Do you need open transportation or enclosed transportation.

Keep in mind that enclosed trailers will cost at least 50% more than open. However, if you ship an expensive vehicle, enclosed transportation may be best option for you. On the other hand, your car is fully ensured, and in case of damage, insurance will cover the cost of damage.


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